CD&DVD Label Maker help and info

  • What is CD&DVD Label Maker?

    CD & DVD Label Maker is a piece of software that allows users to create unique and attractive labels and covers for their existing and new CDs and DVDs. Especially useful for burned disc, CD & DVD Label Maker makes creating a cover simple and easy, even for those not familiar with such software.

  • Is CD&DVD Label Maker free?

    Yes, CD & DVD Label Maker is free for users to download and install. Because it’s older software, it also doesn’t contain intrusive or distracting ads that many today consider an alternative form of payment.

  • Is CD&DVD Label Maker safe?

    Yes, CD & DVD Label Maker is safe to use. Not only does it not contains harmful viruses or unnecessary bloated add-ons, it’s also appropriate for users of all ages. It’s safe for every Windows system and poses no threat to your personal information.

  • What platforms is CD&DVD Label Maker available on?

    CD & DVD Label Maker is available on the Windows operating system, specifically Windows 2000. For versions of Windows that came after, there’s no guarantee that the software will be supported or will run optimally.

  • How often is CD&DVD Label Maker updated?

    CD & DVD Label Maker is no longer updated by the developer. Its last updates were for the Windows 2000 operating system. Systems newer than that do not support the software and the software does not offer newer features than the ones that existed when it was initially released.

  • What’s new in the latest version of CD&DVD Label Maker?

    The last version of CD & DVD Label Maker that was made available to users allowed users to insert photos and text onto CD and DVD labels in order to customize them. It also offered a user-friendly interface for ease of use.

  • How do I install CD&DVD Label Maker?

    CD & DVD Label Maker can be installed by downloading the .exe file from an official source of third-party website. Once downloaded, following the setup process allows you to installed the software for use.

  • Where is CD&DVD Label Maker installed?

    CD & DVD Label Maker can be installed at a location of the users choosing when following the setup process. Users will be prompted to select a storage destination. They can also choose to create a desktop shortcut which will allow them to open the program with just a click.

  • What file types does CD&DVD Label Maker support?

    CD & DVD Label Maker supports a number of different file types. These file types include JPG, GIF, LBL, PNG, BMP, WMF, ICO and EMF.

  • Can CD&DVD Label Maker make Blu-ray labels?

    CD & DVD Label Maker can create custom labels for Blu-ray discs, however, it doesn’t naturally create custom Blu-ray covers, as the sizing is different from that of a DVD case. Because the software was created before the popularity of Blu-ray, and because the software is no longer updated, it is not a supported feature. Disc sizes for CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays remain the same.

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